AMoL Chapter 4

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Here we get to read about the not-so-great Black Tower uprising, which all seems a bit of a fizzle. Other posts can be found here. This post will very likely contain spoilers for all WoT books. If you haven't read all of the WoT series, including AMoL you read on at your own risk.
What Happens
Androl and Pevara continue to share stories of their past, while they wait for Emarin to interogate Dobser. Emarin arrives, and is worried by the presence of the two comatose bodies. He tells how Coteren tried to goad them into another fight. They interrogate Dobser, setting up a ruse that Emarin is a rich High Lord of Tear, wishing to establish a rival Tower. They learn where Logain is being kept, and depart to rescue him.

Rand finds himself in a dreamshard of Moridin's creation. The talk, and Rand manipulates the dream well enough to unsettle Moridin, who departs.

Pevara, Androl, Emarin, Nalaam and Jonneth enter some secret passage ways they discover where Dobser said they would be. They kill two guards, and then Jonneth shoots Coteren with his Long Rivers Bow. They find Logain, who is very weak, possibly dosed with forkroot. Before they can make good their escape, they are discovered, and a short fight breaks out. Androl is straining to create a gateway, he seems to think he still might be able to, despite the dreamspike. The chapter ends with the earth above the subterranean chamber falling down atop them.
With the amount of conversation and sharing going on between Pevara and Androl it's almost like they are dating. I remember that phase, where you've got someone you can talk to and share so much, it opens so many conversational doors. Either they are sharing these intimate stories in a comrade-in-arms type of sense, or it really is the establishment of their ongoing relationship.

One thing struck me as odd. During Emarin's play-acting with interogatting Dobser we see Pevara lie. Emarin asks if Dobser can hear what Emarin is saying and Pevara answers negatively, even though that deliberately isn't the case. This could be a slip up by the writers. Or it could be that Pevara doesn' t think the three oaths hold her if she's speaking to a Darkfriend, clearly the other two understand that she's acting, not lying. If I wasn't worried about spoilers I'd start hitting up some of the dragonmount forums to see what people are speculating about this.

In the second scene we see that Androl and Pevara are forming a telepathic link. They are starting to be able to send fairly specific messages to each other. I guess this is part of the double bond.

Throughout these last few chapters we've continually seen Androl try and create gateways, even though we 'know' that isn't going to be possible. I don't recall any speculation that it's possible to overcome a dreamspikes blocking of gateways. Indeed one of the forsaken was ruminating on how useful it was to have one to protect a fortress from gateway attacks. So either I can conclude that Androl is just kidding himself, with the one talent that he's got. Or that there is away to overcome a dreamspike. Or maybe Androl will just find he has a tallent for a differnt weave that is similar to a gateway, but that isn't blocked by the dream spike. I'll just have to read and find out.

There was one other thing I wanted to comment on. Dobser mentioned how men are more useful to Taim if they aren't Turned. Which is interesting, I wonder what limitations a Turned has. So far all indications are that they function quite normally. It's not like they are automatons that can only follow simple instructions, they all seem to retain their intelligence and mannerisms. The only thing we've seen that marks them out are that they are a bit ghoulish. I'm going to guess they have some limitations imposed on their channeling when they are turned.

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