AMoL Chapter 5

Another chapter, that's like 2 in one day, amazing! This one was a bit droll, until the end. In fact, until the very last word.

Other posts can be found here. This post will very likely contain spoilers for all WoT books. If you haven't read all of the WoT series, including AMoL you read on at your own risk.
What Happens
Rand wakes next to Aviendha, and looks outside the tent. He goes back in, and channels a misty shower for him and Aviendha to wash in, demonstrating some of the uses of channeling from the Age of Legends.

Egwene dreams about holding the world together. She wakes, back in the White Tower. She discusses a few issues of the day with Gawyn, and then has to hurry to met Rand's gathering at Merrilor. The various groups gather. Egwene is there for the White Tower. The Borderlanders are there, Perrin's armies are there (including Berlain for Mayne and Galad for the Children of the Light). Elayne is there for Andor, The Sea Folk are present, Daelin for Tear, Gregorin for Illian. Roedran for Murandy, Alsalam for the Domani. As Rand approaches he channels to erect a pavilion, doing so without breaking stride. Rand confronts Roedran, clearly expecting some confrontation, but Roedran turns out not to be who Rand was expecting.

Rand gives the leaders 3 demands for sacrificing his life at Shaoyl Ghul. Firstly, that the all sign the Dragon's Peace. This is a proclamation he has written that requires nations to maintain their current borders. Secondly he requires the White Towers consent to his plan to break the seals. Thirdly he requires absolute control of all nations armies for the Last Battle.

There is a lot of discussion, amongst the various parties. The text follows the dialog between Rand and Egwene, and their confrontation. Egwene tries to convince Rand to develop a better plan. Rand tells Egwene he intends to try and slay the Dark One. Rand is failing to convince everyone.

Rand tries to assert his will but invoking his ta'veren nature. Egwene feels the pressure building amongst the people gathered, that people are bending to his will. She stops it. Rand threatens to leave in frustration. Someone new enters the tent. Rand is about to leave, until who he see's who that person is that has entered. Moiraine.

It seems Elaidia has attempted to 'safe-guard' (read kidnap) the Domani King. Earlier we heard from Rand who had organised to find him, after some prompting from a friend. I suspect that is what the letter Tarna gave him was about, probably another letter from Verin.

Honestly, if this was Rands plan, to present impossible demands to all the rules, and then throw a tantrum if they don't agree, perhaps he isn't as smart as I was thinking he was. He also is starting to lean to much on his ta'veren nature. We've already seen people who can resist it (Tuon is one, seems Egwene is another). So this whole chapter just seemed like a silly idea.

But that final word, the entrance of Moiriane changed it all. Now we finally get to see what happens when she comes back. This suggests the ending of one of the longest story arcs in the whole series. It also means Mat is probably nearby, which can only be a good thing. And maybe this whole meeting won't be a waste of time.


This chapter isn't ho hum, it's pivotal and heaps of stuff has been building to it. Maybe rands 2d response and dialogue is a reflection of Brandon?

I just can't believe your comparing this to chapter 2

Pivotal, yes. Heaps of stuff, yes. Heaps of talking. Which isn't as exciting as doing stuff. But mostly I wanted to express how much of a difference it made to introduce Moiraine at the end. Up until then it was a chapter that was essentially just moving things along at a normal pace, with no real surprises for me, but then suddenly Moiraine is there, and things could be shaken up (because no one is used to having her around anymore).

And I didn't compare this chapter to chapter 2. Re-read my first sentance, and imagine a few more commas in there.

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