AMoL Chapter 6

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Charge! This is the sixth chapter, and it seems we're getting near the end of all the talky bits.

Other posts can be found here. This post will very likely contain spoilers for all WoT books. If you haven't read all of the WoT series, including AMoL you read on at your own risk.
What Happens
Moiraine moves amongst the crowd in the pavilion murmuring greetings to different people. As she moves she answers many peoples questions about Rands proposals, the first of which comes from Egwene. She answers them by quoting the Karaethon Cycle, and she is quite persuasive. A Brown Ajah Aes Sedai suggests the Dragon's Peace is a good document, but it has a significant flaw, it will be meaningless if the Seanchen continue their advances. Elayne raises another problem, that there is no mechanism for resolving minor disputes, and she says that will eventually lead to major disputes. Aviendha raises a third objection, that the Aiel have no place in it. She threatens that the Aiel will leave Rand if he doesn't correct this. Moiraine also says that Rand's third demand (that he lead all the armies) is unreasonable, as he will have other duties.

Perrin suggests one way to appease the Aiel and Elayne, which Rand immediately cottons onto, and suggests to the wider forum, that the Aiel will become the enforces of the agreement.

Moiraine tells Egwene that Rand will not break the seals. Egwene is slightly mollified, until Moiraine tells her that Egwene will break the seals. Egwene tries to refuse, but Moiraine presses her, calling on her to recall her Drreams, where she knows this is the truth. Moiraine convinces Rand and Egwene in this, and Rand hands the seals to Egwene.

Egwene signs the document, and other people start signing. Faile notes how clever Rand has been to manipulate Egwene to invite the rulers that he didn't expect to support him. Now that he's convinced her, they all fall in line and sign as well.

Elayne holds back from signing. Rand offers her the leadership position for the Last Battle. After some discussion, the other parties and Elayne accept this suggestion. Everyone signs the document. Rand announces he has some tasks to include before he travels to Shayol Ghul, but that he has a request saying "There is a dear friend who needs us".

We shift focus in the next passage to the fight that Lan is pursuing against the Trolloc army at Tarwins Gap. They have held off the Shadow thus far, but Lan see's that with his exhausted army the end is near. He orders a retreat from the gap (they have been pushed back to almost the end of the gap anyway), to give them room to form up for one last charge.

As they charge, Lan hears the horses feet clattering like thunder. He thinks it's louder than his six thousand men should have made it. He looks over his shoulder and finds he has at least ten thousand men. As the charge continues gateways open up, and other Borderlanders flow into the charge. Lan's charge had become a hundred thousand. Asha'man flow in and start attacking the Trollocs. 

So we finally see what Moiraines post-fake-death purpose is, or at least one of the purposes. It's to hold together the alliance, and forge them into an ongong entity. It's nice to see her back in action, telling Rand how things are going to be, manipulating people to suit her needs. Nothing I've read in this chapter really convinces me that the Aiel have managed to avoid their future of degradation, even though they think that they are achieving that. They aren't written into the document like the other nation states are. And even though Amys says the Aiel will not fight the Seanchan, that doesn' t mean that the next generation of Aiel will agree to the same situation.

Seems Mat has gone elsewhere, Perrin thought about him, and had a vision of him riding down a road somewhere. I'm speculating he's going to see his wife. Though I vaguely recall he promised a gateway to someone, possibly Setalle Ann, so she could go looking for her family. I'm guessing it's one of the two of those. Seems like a bad idea to just be wandering around at the moment though, there are some significant Shadow armies starting to show up in various places.

And Lan doesn't die, yet. Which was very nice to see. After the fall of Caemlyn, it is also very nice to see the Light starting to have a victory. Sounds like they moved the entire Merrilor forces to the Gap though. I can't imagine that strategy is actually going to work (take everyone to the latest hotspot and fight) for the rest of the book though.

This book like it's going to start getting really exciting very soon.

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You seeming to be charging through the book. The gollywogs (new character) in chapter 4 are cool, watch out for them.

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