AMoL Chapter 9

Chapter 9 rolling right up here, with not one, not two, but three not so exciting scenes!

Other posts can be found here. This post will very likely contain spoilers for all WoT books. If you haven't read all of the WoT series, including AMoL you read on at your own risk.
What Happens
Lan continues fighting. His companion Bulen dies. He tells how Bulen died, and how Bakh fell, celebrating their efforts. He starts other men celebrating stories of deaths and rescues, restoring their morale. He ha Narishma from a gateway to put Bulen somewhere cold, so his remains can be probably buried in Malkier later on. He talks with Agelmar, who says their eventual strategy will be to retreat, until they get reinforced. Lan threatens to disobey his orders, but Agelmar talks him around.

Egwene is overseeing the White Tower's movement ino Kandor. Elayne sends a message, that the Yellow Ajah is to form a centralised hospital somewhere. Egwene is tempted to resist this demand, but concedes the wisdom of the suggestion (and that she helped put Elayne into the High Commander position). She goes and starts to interrogate Leilwin about what she knows of the Seanchan.

Rand shuffles through maps in Elayne's tent. Elayne is surprised to see him there. It's the first time they have some time together since Elayne became pregnant, and Rand is joyous that he'll be a father, even though he won't survive to see them born. Over dinner they talk on many things, such as hope, balance, good and evil. Rand gives Elayne a gift, a Seed ter'angreal, which is used to create angreal. Elayne gives Rand the short dull dagger, that prevents the Shadow from seeing you.

This was a nice chapter. With the way that it started with a battle scene, and finished with a romantic dinner, I wondered if it was intended to mimic how the Pattern is about balance. The reveal about how angreal are created was good to know, but also a little sad. There is probably a lot of knowledge from Lewis Theramon that Rand will not get a chance to pass on.


Hang on. Was that when rand round out he was going to be a dad? (How quickly memory fades). Surely he already knew that Elaine was pregnant? When did we ever see him thinking about this?

As far as I know, this is the first time we've ever seen Rand talking or thinking about Elayne's pregnancy. Clearly he found out about it before this, but I think it occurred off-screen. Of course, I could be wrong about this. But remember that up until very recently Elayne had been keeping very hush hush about who the real father was. It was only in this book, at Birgittes urging, that she declared to her army in Braem Woods that Rand was the father.

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