AMoL Chapters 21 and 22

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Another double up entry, this time talking about chapters 21 and 22 of AMoL. But you already knew that, didn't you, seeing as that is what the posts title says.

As always, I've got an index of these posts.

There are spoilers if you read on, so don't blame me if I spoil the entire WoT series for you.
What Happens in Chapter 21
Siuan (as it turns out, she's alive) and Yukiri are going around and healing the soldiers who survived the retreat. Yukiri sends Siuan to rest. Siuan finds Bryne. Through their discussion we learn that they jumped through a horizontal gateway they had been using to view the battlefield. Yukiri came up with the idea, in the heat of the moment, having a theory (that luckily worked) about creating a cushion of air for them to land on. Bryne is blaming himself for the disaster, not anticipating the attack from the rear.

Lyrelle awaits outside the Black Tower with Myrelle, awaiting entry after they have been bought the news of the revolt inside the tower. Pevara joins them, to accompany them in. Pevara tries to discourage them from bonding Asha'man in order to control them, as her experience suggests you can't force the Asha'man with the bond. Androl mets them accompanied by 46 other male channelers who aren't yet full Asha'man. He explains all the other candidates have been taken away by other tasks. We learn that these 46 are volunteers.

Pevara catches up with Androl, and and they discuss next moves with Jonneth, Canler, and Emarin. Logain has been affected by his ordeal, and is now a quieter man. Logain has been studying maps found in Taims chambers. Rands last order to them was that they are not to be just weapons, but to be men. The Asha'man are taking this to heart, and they are planning to survive the Last Battle, and build the Black Tower.

What Happens in Chapter 22
Egwene is woken by Gawyn, they consider sneaking away from the ruins of the campsite that the Sharans have invaded. They are stopped when they see Sharans shuffling captives up. A male channelling sharan puts a tattoo onto one of the captives, and we see that almost all Sharans wear various tattoos. They see Demandred arrrive, and he addresses the Sharans. Demandred notices there is a women who can channel, and captures Leane. He tells Leane to send a message to the Dragon Rebord, that he is to face Demandred, or Demandred will destroy and slaughter all of his people.

Perrin observes the storm in the wolf dream. He hunts for Slayer, asking wolves if they have seen him. Instead the wolves take him to Heartseeker, who turns out to be Graendal/Hessalam. They fight, because Perrin hesitated to kill her without warning. She escapes through a gateway, Perrin doesn't follow because he see's it's into the middle of an enormouse army of Trollocs and Fades. Lanfear shows up, and they talk. Lanfear suggests Perrin could learn how to transition between the wolf dream and the real world without needing channeling. She also reveals that Graendal was invading the dreams of Davram Bashere.

So we've got confirmation that it's Demandred behind the Sharan. No real surprise there. It looks like I was pretty spot on about him warping their religious culture. It's nice to see the Black Tower are going to stay out from under the thumb of other groups. I do wonder if they are going to be working at odds with the other light side forces though, if they aren't going to open up lines of communications with the others. Presumably those lines are kind of already there, as there are Asha'man with all the other lightside forces. So maybe it will work out ok.

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