AMol Chapters 24 to 27

You may have twigged that I'm starting to enjoy reading this book more than I'm enjoying writing about it. Which is why I'm doing four chapters in one post. As has been the case in all the other entries, there is a very good chance that I'll include spoilers for people that haven't read the rest of the series. So don't read on if you haven't read all the other published books in the Wheel of Time series.
What Happens
Tuon renames Mat to Knotai, and pronounces he is Rodholder in their armies, so he's third after Tuon and Galgan. They get word that Egwene's army is in retreat, Mat says they have to go now. Tuon considers breaking the treaty, but consents to move to support Egwene. Lan keeps fighting, though they are still losing. Elayne gives a speech to her army, extorting them to defeat the northern Trolloc army. She goes to fight with her army. Rodel Ituralde watches his army start fighting, to keep Trollocs from the Thakan'dar valley. 

Egwene and the others prepare for Sharan attack, noting the Seanchan raken scouts are in the air, and Rands letter says they fight the shadow. Rand enters the Shaoyl Ghul tunnel, noting it's warping time, and his sense of his bondees. He's confronted by Moridin and they start to fight. Lan keeps fighting, and notices another tactical error by Agelmar that he decides to look into. Perrin and Gaul are trying to find someone to fight, and find Slayer. They fight, some red-veils also fight. Some wolves fight. Perrin plants the dreamspike to stop gateways into the Shaoyl Ghul tunnel, the walls between worlds are thin, so he is able to tell Nynaeve what he has done.

Egwene and Tuon met to exchange retorts about damane, whether people want or should be collared, whether Tremalking is included in the borders that Rands treaty discusses. Eventually they agree to fight together, but not under the command of Egwene's forces. Elayne's fight is going poorly. They have surrounded the northern Trollocs, but then the southern Trollocs appear. Tam has worked out that Bashere has been forging scouting reports, and has created this trap. Elayne has him and his wife arrested, and turns part of the army to face the southern Trollocs.

Bryne considers reports and orders as he walks, to avoid a central command that the Sharans can attack. He sends messenger Annah to the Seanchan to ask them to reinforce some cavalry, but Annah is killed by a falling raken. Min volunteers to go. She eventually works her way to the Seanchan command tent. Min shares some viewings with Mat, and is overheard. Tuon finds out, and names her Doomseer, and appoints Min to be her new Soe'feia, Truthspeaker. Mat suggests to Min that Min can probably forget about getting away from Tuon.  

Did you see what I've done there? I've moved from paragraphs describing a scene within a chapter, to paragraphs that describe the whole Chapter. Works well for these chapters, as it's all about the fighting.

Before these chapters, things were looking bad and I suggested they could get worse. Now they are looking worse. I've got to hope that firstly, the Seanchan can make quick work of the Sharans, and secondly that they are willing to do a bit more to help. Both Elayne and Lan's armies are exhausted. Elayne's armies looks about to be wiped out, without even enough channelers to be able to send for help. So either the Black Tower need to start doing something useful, or we need to see a little more of that Mat-the-genius-commander action. Otherwise a lot of our favourite characters are going to be all dead. I'm not going to be surprised if the Sharans take out Merrilor either. The Shadow has to know that is the Lights central re-supply facility, and it makes tactical sense to take that.

I'm not entirely convinced that Bashere is a darkfriend, he's been so close to Rand for so long, that surely he would have done something else before now. I just think that Graendal has somehow compromised him. I also suspect the shadow is also doing something to compromise Agelmar. It's fair enough that he failed to predict how some Trollocs would move before, but sending two regiments in smacks of something else. He might be less capable that he thinks he is (due to tiredness), or maybe he's just getting muddled due to interference from the Shadow in his dreams. In fact Rodel is also suffering a bit, so maybe all the generals are being targeted.

The scenes involving the Seanchan were interesting. Tuon is looking more and more crazy, and having Egwene give her a dose of humanity was certainly refreshing. Every time Tuon mentions omens I she just gets further along the hot/crazy graph. Nice bit of role reversal with Egwene offering Mat help to get out from under Tuon's thumb, and being politely refused. The symmetry of this when compared to Mat's offer to get her away from the Salidar Aes Sedai who had raised her Amrylin was a real jewel.

I have to say, if that is all we see of the red veiled Aiel, then that will be a big disappointment. It was, what, a handful of them, which Gaul and the wolves dealt with (well, all but two of them). Surely there are more of them around, and are going to show up soon.

Seems in the red veiled Aiel, and the Sharans they don't mind the taint. They just let their crazy male channelers be... well, crazy. They just make it work for them, for some definition of work. Hey I guess if you're entire culture is completely crazy and wacked out, that wouldn't be to much of a problem. Makes me wonder why the Seanchan aren't just collaring them and using them, at least until they have to put them down.


Nice mother ref. I'm still not convince Tuon is crazy. We might have to argue about that.

I might be prepared to admit that in the context of the Seanchan culture, Tuon is quite rational. But she seemed earlier on like whe might be able to gain an outside perspective on her culture. Now though, she's backslid, and is holding fast to what she's raised on.

So maybe Tuon isn't crazy. But if she isn't then it's the whole Seanchan view that people who channel are time bombs is what's crazy.

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