AMol Chapters 30 to 32

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I've got a surprise for you. I've written up a summary of three chapters in A Memory of Light. Bet you never saw that coming. Well, you might have had some clue, as I've done a few others.

If you've ever started readin the Wheel of Time series, but never finished, you shouldn't read this. There are spoilers you don't want to know. If you ever think you might want to read the Wheel of Time series (and that's a great idea, you should go do that right now) then you also don't want to read this.
What Happens
Perrin and Gaul patrol the wolf dream. Elyas shows up, Perrin sends him back to warn the four captains are being manipulated by Graendal. Rand fights Moridin in a sword battle, he slips and comes into contact withe the blackness of the Dark One. Elayne watches her army as it starts to crumple from the Trollocs attacks. She isn't ready to let them capture the Dragons. Despite her exhaustion she channels, and is very surprised when her small fireball causes the eary to explode where it lands. Turns out it was Asha'man from the Black Tower, Logain has arrived. To give them time to retreat Androl leads a circle of 14 exhausted women and 12 men. Androl creates a gateway 100 feet tall, from the middle of Dragonmount. Lava rushes out and pushes back the Trollocs.

Egwene reviews her battlefield. She learns of Mat's cavalry work, and that Uno's unit being exposed, causing them to escape by swimming the river. Min finds Egwene, telling him that mat wants control of her armies and that Gareth Bryne is a darkfriend. Ituralde watces the fighting. Ituralde is struggling with himself, wanting to issue orders that he knows are a bad idea. he's just about to call a retreat when Elyas and some wolves abduct him. Egwene considers how much she trusts Mat, and goes to confront Bryne. She has Silviana gather the Hall of the Tower. Gawyn returns and tells Egwene and Bryne tht Bashere is a darkfriend. Egwene questions him about the recent battle tactics, Bryne admits that something is wrong with him. Egwene determines the Shadow has been using Compulsion on their great captains. She decides that they have no choice, they are going to have to put Mat in charge of the army.

Mat watches the battle through a gateway hole, created by Catrona, he's new damane that he captured a few hours ago. Mat sees that they need to abandon their position. Tuon says the Aes Sedai won't come to discuss this, so Mat asks for a gateway to be opened so they can discuss retreats. Tuon continues to use Min's visions. When Tuon calls for someone to be executed Min pushes back, saying Tuon can't use her visions in that way. Mat convinces Elayne and Egwene that they should withdraw to Merrilor Galad wanders around the battlefield, inspecting the dead. He comes back across Elayne and the other commanders, and here's about the move to Merrilor. Almost all the commanders are dismal, realising that the fighting at Merrilor is going to be worse than what they've already faced.

I'm glad they have managed to expose the shadow-captain plot. of course, if they hadn't the book would be a little short, as they would have all been annihilated. I'm going to claim that I was right about them not all being Darkfriends. I could have done better though. Guessing that they were being Compulsed isn't a to much of a stretch of the imagination, especially as we know that Graendal is still on the loose.

I would like to comment on how Mat's damane could be trained so quickly. Earlier we heard Egwene thinking how the Sharans use tattoos to denote rank, and it seemed the more tattoos the lower your rank. From that she figures the Sharan culture only allows for falls in rank. Perhaps their culture indoctrinates them to acliamatise quickly to great falls in statue.

Everyone is getting beat up. Lan loosing a third of his forces, Elayne loosing half of hers, massive loses amongst Egwene's forces. It seems that only the Black Tower and the Seanchan are really in any shape to keep fighting. And we had Cadsuane's news a few chapters ago that the Black Tower might not really be in much shape. We've still got Taim running loose, the SHarans are strong, Demandred is fine, the Trolloc army in Shienar  isn't too bad. Sounds like Rodel's (or whoever is now leading them) forces are are hard pressed. Maybe Rand had better hurry up doing what he needs to do. Not that we really know what that is.

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