AMoL Chapters 33 to 35

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This book is really engaging me. So much so that I'm sitting on a train (and then later a bus) as I write this commentary.

As per normal, I'll have spoilers for the whole WoT series as I talk about these two chapters. See my other chapter summaries here.
What Happens
Perrin fights Slayer, but is seriously wounded by an arrow to his shoulder. Faile moves with a collection of wagons from Tar Valon. This time she's moving the Horn of Valere in secret with her. A bubble of evil at the gateway causes chaos. Somehow their gateway is mis-addressed. It doesn't go to Merrilor, it goes to the Blight.  Aviendha senses a woman channelling in the camp, and goes to investigate. She finds some red veiled Aiel, who capture her. Cadsuane approaches, and the rogue Aiel think they have fooled her, but Cadsuane helps Aviendha defeat them. A major shadow offensive begins and Aviendha sends the Light side chanellers to arms.

Rand drifts outside the pattern, seeing the Dark One. They begin to fight. Perrin shifts, and ends up somewhere distant that wolves don't know men who can talk to them. Lanfear appears, but refuses to help him. Faile talks with her people, and decides they will walk towards Shaoyl Ghul, to try and met up with the Light side forces there. Aviendha realises that the red veiled Aiel are the channeling men the Aiel would send to hunt in the Blight. She leads a circle, and goes to fight. The other members of the circle are attacked, and many of them die.

Olver is riding Bela and is dissatisfied with her speed. He's trying to move up the column and ride with Faile as they travel through the Blight. They've already lost 15 men. Cadsuane tells Aviendha that the archives suggest Graendal is using the True Power to travel around. Faile sets a trap for suspected Darkfriends amongst her group trying to steal the horn. But confusion reigns when Faile finds Vanin holding the horn and Harnan fighting off a screeching Blight beast. They defeat two of the beasts, but immediately start a forced march away from the area.

I'm not sure that Vanin and Harnan really are darkfriends. I think Varnin noticed Faile hiding something, and decided to have a look, and it's just coincidence that the Blight beasts attacked him and Harnan at this time. Hopefully the two of them will somehow be useful soon, and prove themselves innocent.

Perrin looks like he's about to die. I figure he's going to suddenly learn how to leave Tel'aran'rhiod and subsequently be healed. Even at this stage I can't see him being killed off. He's just too nice a guy. 

I wonder if we'll find out how it fares between Moiraine, Nynaeve and Moridin. Presumably they kept fighting once Rand disappeared. Or maybe he will only have disappeared for a moment. That whole sword fight with Moridin was a bit sus anyway. Why would two powerful and skilled channelers wack at each other with (sharp) sticks?

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