AMol Chapters 40 to 42

So more chapters. I really should go and pack to go to LCA instead of writing this. But here it is, so enjoy it, unless of course you haven't read WoT before, and you don't want any spoilers.

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What Happens
Birgitte orders Elayne's Guards to keep fighting. Elayne tells Birgitte she's so sorry. Birgitte is ecstatic, she's got all her memories back now that she is re-bound to the wheel. They go to rally their troops. Elayne joins the fight, attacking a Trolloc with a sword. She manages not to die, and this shames her troops into re-joining the fight.

Aviendha hears, then sees, many Darkhounds joining the fight, and the normal wolfes are attacking them, despite their inability to pull them down. Aviendha goes to gather other channelers to combat this threat, but sees Graendal fighting, so she alerts Cadsuane and Amy. Graendal has a small group of enthralled captives she is using, and they attack. Aviendha fights, managing to stall long enough for Cadsane and Amys to arrive. 

Mat pushes his troups to hit hard, he knows they have a chance now that Demandred has fallen. He see's the Seanchan joining the battle again (did I mention last chapter that Min single handedly identified and chased off the spy among the Seanchan, and convinced Tuon to return to the fight, despite many advisers counselling otherwise?). He thinks to himself there is only one small bit of business that needs to come into play for them to win the fight.

Jur Grady is annoyed and frustrated. He's been position where the Shadow have blocked the river, and ordered not to fight until the morning. He's seen a small force of villages try to defend the area, but get easily slaughtered during the night. He is angry at Mat for throwing their lives away. But he follows orders, and opens a gateway to the village they small force had come from, a small village called Hinderstrap. People roar through the gateway, attacking the force. The Shadow Dreadlords recognize them as the people they killed last night and were stunned. Grady (also rather stunned) destroys the dam blocking the canyon, and releases the river.

Pevara, Androl, Jonneth, Emarin and Canler have joined Logain and other Asha'man, they can hear that the canons have rejoined the fight. Logain tells them it is time to move west, away from the battle, he sets them searching for the sa'angreal he saw Taim using. Androl and co decide they have a previous order to follow, but as they are so tired aren't sure what to do. Pevara comes up with a plan.

Moghedien impersonates Demandred (I'm assuming she's who was spying on the Seanchan), and starts giving orders, her first order is to send five fists of Trollocs to attack the defenseless Caemlyn refugees among the ruins, so the Light forces will divide their forces. A gateway opens, and Moghedien looks into a dark cavern with canons pointing at her, the cannons fire. The scene changes to Talmanes, within that hidden location, that is only accessible by gateway. They repeat their gateway+canon trick. Daerid notices Talmanes smiling, and notes how horrifying the expression is on him.

Aviendha fights desperately against Graendal, noticing an odd Mist, and Trollocs attacking other trollocs. She mets up with Amys, and they hatch a plan to attack Graendal together. They split up, and Aviendha continues moving around. She finds Graendal fighting Cadsuane and Alivia. A black veiled Aiel tries to spear her, but she burns a hole in his chest. Horrified, Aviendha realises she has killed Rhuarc.

Mishraile is with seven other Shadow Channelers, and Alviarin orders them to find where the canons are kept and destroy them. Mishraile and Donalo move out, then they notice the Dragon Reborn, who escapes through a gateway. They return and report to Alviarin who sets them to follow. They find the gateway, Donalo feels the resonance of the gateway, and they open it to follow Al'Thor. They find him resting on a stump. He flee's, they follow. Suddenly Mishraile feels the One Power vanish. Then Ogier grab them. Pevara and Androl talk to the Ogier, asking what they will do. We find out Androl had been disguised as Rand, to lure the shadow Channelers. They walk out of the stedding, and see the ruins, filled with Trollocs, slaughtering the refugees.

Aviendha morns the death of Rhuarc, but realises he had been compulsed. She finds Graendal dueling Amys, Talaan, Alivia and Cadsuane; Graendal is winning. Aviendha weaves a spear of Fire, Air and Spirit and charges at Graendal. Graendal blasts the air below her. Aviendha leaps, feeling her legs getting shredded. She fly's through the air. Graendal starts to use the True Power to leave, warping the air around her. Aviendha's spear sinks into Graendals side, and they both vanish.

Clever clever Mat, using the Hinderstrap villagers (who at night become insanely violent creatures attacking everyone, and in the morning re-awake as normal people, despite whether or not they died) and used them in a completely novel fashion; Using a twisting of the pattern caused by the Dark One in the fight against the Dark One. Though I hope this village gets to go back to normal after the this is all over.

But it seems that Mat doesn't have a monopoly on being clever, as Pevaras idea to lure people into the stedding was great. Of course, Mat still takes the cake, combining the strength of the Canons with gateways.

Aviendha is a real champ. Though, it seemed a bit silly having her go up against Graendal with a spear. Normally you don't bring a knife to a gun fight, but I guess she made it work for her. Of course, it's not over yet.

And I can't help but notice that despite having the mega-chapter, we're still knee deep in fighting. But at least a lot of things are turning around.


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