AMoL prologue - part 2

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In this post I'm finishing off the prologue, and it's a great finish. Other posts can be found here. This post will definitely contain spoilers. If you haven't read all of the WoT series, including AMoL you read on at your own risk.
What happens
We re-join Talmanes desperate bid to recover the canons from Caemlyn. He's been poisoned by the blade of the Myrddraal that he fought, and it's slowly working it's way through him. Throught the rest of the prologue he's condition deteriorates, but that doesn't stop him from being completely amazing. One of his men gives him the title Dreadbane, for one who has slain a fade. He earns it twice. They find some support from the Queens Guards in the palace, then go and rescue the canons. By this time (right at the end of the prologue) Talmanes is pretty much comatose from the poison. I don't hold much hope that he's going to survive. They did find a couple of Kinswomen who could channel, but not enough to heal him, or to make any gateways.

Aviendha reveals to some other Wise Ones details of her visions. She's made her way to Merrilor. Bair gets Aviendha to make a gateway to Rhuidean, so she can pass through the pillars again, to see if she can corroborate the visions.

Androl and Pevara, in the Black Tower, plan what they are going to do about their situation; that is, of being trapped inside a compound with hundreds of crazy darkfriends who can channel. Emarin and Androl have an interesting chat, showing that their backstory are quite interesting. Sounds like Androl is going to be a similar character to Noal; they aren't what they appear to be at face vaalue, and have a significant and interesting backstory.

We also get a another council of forsaken. This one features Moridin, Moghedien, Demandred and two other people. The first of the others is introduced as Hessalam. She's actually Graendal, but she's been wacked a few times with the ugly stick. Couldn't have been done to a nicer person. Moridin also introduces Mazrim Taim. Moridin promotes him to one of the Chosen, and Taim will now go by the name "M'Hael", just like he's been doing at the Black Tower.

So that's the prologue. What a blast! The book has definitely been launched off like a rocket, which promises many good things to come. Here we have blatant and obvious proof that Demandred and Taim are not the same person, seeing as they are both in the scene together. Of course the people writing the WoT FAQ has already worked that out. Seem's increasingly unlikely that Talmanes is going to survive, and I'm fairly surprised he lasted as long as he did.

I have to say, the situation in the Black Tower is looking increasingly desperate. Androl and his buddies have such a small group, it's going to be very hard to link up with any support from the outside, and from the dialogue it sounds like they are going to resist that notion anyway. It's all very well to have some noble ideas that the Black Tower is a symbol for future male channelers, but when you are surrounded by Dreadlords, surely escape really is a viable option?

I kind of hope that the people that have been Turned are somehow not as effective at fighting. It doesn't seem fair for the Shadow to have this 'Turning' factory unless there is some light side balance to this crooked coin. Hopefully Nynaeve will get the chance to see a captured 'Turned' person, and do her normal healing discovery on them. I really hope she gets a chance to heal the madness in Androl, so he can stop jumping at shadows.

That's all for now!

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