plans for AMol

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The final volume of the Wheel of Time series is out, and has been out all week. I haven't started reading it, as I've been re-reading the rest of the series to prepare myself. I started that many months ago, and had been reading roughly one book per month.

But now I've finished 'Towers of Midnight', the second last volume, and it's time to start 'A Memory of Light'. I'm looking forward to it. We (fans of the series) have been waiting a many years for this book, and I want to make the most of it now that it's arrived. I can only read it a-fresh once.

But how do I make the most of it? Well I've decided I'll take a leaf out of Leigh Butlers book, and do a series of blog posts as I read through. So every couple of chapters I'll deliberately steal myself away from the book to stop, reflect, and write a blog post.

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