AMol Chapters 43 and 44

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A couple more chapters of AMoL. There are spoilers, so you shouldn't read if that is a problem for you. Index is here.
What Happens
Logain thinks on the weeks he was tortured as they tried to Turn him, wondering if something broke inside of him. Lelaine finds him, and gives him Egwene's last words, that the seals are to be delivered to the White Otwer and broken at the coming of the light. They find the gold scepter that Taim was using, and Logain tries to free it from the crystal holding it. Androl finds him, and implores him to help fight the Trollocs attacking the refugees. Mat watches the battle, as the Light side forces enclose and destroy the Trollocs, and the Sharans escape through gateways. Rand and the Dark One shout at each other. Aviendha finds herself on a ledge far above Thakan'dar. She weaves a gateway back to where they came from, and ties it off. She almost faints, and is to weak to hold onto her knife.

Perrin wakes up in Berelain's palace. He asks Chiad to find an Aes Sedai to wash away his fatigue. Master Luhhan speaks to him, and tells Perrin that is no longer the time to hold back, or to be careful. Masuri arrives and washes away Perrins fatigue, Perrin then re-enteres the dream world. Thom sits and wonders about which words to use to describe what is going on. He see's Cadsuane approaching, and he lets her past, then knifes her in the back. He notes that the walk was all wrong, and she was clearly an imposter. He moves the Shadow Channelers body to where he has hidden four other bodies.

Thom's a bit sneaky, isn't he. He's doing a good job of guarding Moiraine, Nynaeve and Rand's back though. It does seem a little far fetched that all 5 of these women use a mask of mirrors to get past Thom. Surely at least one of them would just shoot him with some fire. I feel sorry for Logain, he's obviously gone a little crazy. He suspects that is the case, but he's still going to act crazy.

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