AMoL Chapters 45 and 46

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In this we see some more Perrin and Slayer fighting, a bit of Mat doing crazy flying antics (which we kind of expect from Mat these days).

As per normal, don't read for fear of spoilers, or do read if you've already read the book. I've done other posts here.
What Happens
Mat tried to get Grady to gateway him to Shayol Ghul, but Grady can't. Shaisam (who is Padan Fain, but more misty) wanders around thinking how ool it is to be mist. Gaul fights Slayer in the dream world, but takes a spear in the side. Perrin arrives, and Gaul flee's. Mat and Olver ride a to'raken into Shaoyl Ghul. They crash in the valley and Olver sounds the Horn, again.

Rand steps back into the pattern. Moridin throws a knife at Alanna. Nynaeve fails to block the knife, but she has revived Alanna enough that she releases her bond to Rand before the knife kills her. Rand goes to strike Moridin down, but Moridin stabs his own right hand, which causes Rand to drop Calandor. Perrin fights Slayer, and he lets the leash off his wolf, attacking with out restraint. He follows Slayer into the real world, and then back into the dream world. They flicker between the worlds, and Perrin flickers between his man form and his wolf form. Perrin defeats Slayer, then immediately takes charge of some Aiels, organising them to defend the path to the Pit of Doom against the Wild Hunt. Mat and Perrin meet up. Mat warns Perrin that the mist is Fain, but then Mashadars mist spears Mat through the chest, and Mat falls from his horse.

It's about time Fain showed up again. He's been very absent in the last few books of the series. Nice to see Perrin finally defeat Slayer, and it was a really good fight scene. The fight was appropriately mystical as Perrin and Slayer flickered between worlds. Perrin's hammer is pretty awesome, as it can take down a Dark Hound. But then, Perrin is proving himself to be pretty awesome, having developed incredible control over the dream world. Now that he can travel between the two worlds (like Slayer), and take people with him, he'll be quite an imposing force.

Moridin stabbing his hand shows the connection between Rand and him still exists, and they are both aware of it.

I have to say, Mat getting taken by Mashadar didn't really phase me. Perhaps that's because by this time I was reading through the book very quickly, and I didn't stop to think about this much. But I also think that at this stage of the book, it didn't make any sense to kill off Mat. He's already achieved what we needed him to achieve, with the winning of the battle at Merrilor.

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