AMol Chapters 47 and 48

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More and more chapters of this book. I'm trying to wrap up these series of posts today, which is why there are so many of them.

As I've mentioned in other posts, I am discussing the closing chapters of a book that spans 15 volumes. There will be spoilers. If you haven't read the series you will not find this entry very interesting, and you shouldn't read it. If you haven't read all the series you shouldn't read on, as you will be drastically short changing yourself.

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What Happens
Aviendha struggles weakly against Graendal, and tries to crawl towards the gateway she tied off. She has almost no strength, and can't channel any attacks. In desperation she reaches fort he gateway, and starts to pull threads loose. Graendal see's what she is doing, and almost panics. Graendal starts to set a Compulsion weave on Aviendha, just as Aviednha drops a thread and the gateway explodes. Shaisam/Mashdar/Fain looks at one of the corpses, which turns out not be a corpse, but to be Mat. Mat grabs the ruby dagger, and stabs Shaisam in the heart, killing it. Perrin finds Gaul in the wolf dream, and takes him back to Merrilor to be healed. Perrin is desperate to go find Faile, but he follows the tug back to Rand, as he knows that no one stands ready to defend Rand in the wolf dream. Moridin scoops up Callandor, and finds out that it's a True Power sa'angreal. Nynaeve and Moiraine use the flaw in Callandor to force Moridin into a link with them in control. They link to Rand, feeding him control of Saidar, Saidin and True Power. Rand channels all three, grabbing the Dark one tightly. Light explodes from him.

Elayne feels Rand through the bond, and see's the column of light. Thom see's the radiant light burst out of the cae entrance. Min see'st he light from Merrilor. Aviendha see's the light, and realises that instead of the gateway exploding and killing her, it has reflected the Compulsion spell back onto Graendal. Logain stumbles, and Androl tells him the Heights have subsided in an earth quake, he sighes that he might not be able to find the sa'angreal chalice again. People nearby look at him with awe, and thank him for his help. They see the light, and Gabrelle tells Logain, Sealbreaker, to break the seals.

Yay for Logain! He gets to be the Sealbreaker, and starts to build a Black Tower founded on protecting people, thus seeing in Mins vision of glory for him. It's nice that he manages to break out of his malaise, and to head down a path of Light side niceness. It's also pretty cool that Aviendha gets to live. Though, of course she had to live, we had a vision a long time ago of the three girls standing around Rand's pyre.

Mat kills Shaisam/Mashdar/Fain. Good on Mat. I can't complain that Fain finally got dealt with. But I will complain about how the story developed. Practically within 17 pages the Fain conglomerate was introduced to the Shayol Ghul battlefield, noted on by several characters, and then destroyed. This is a character that we've seen from the very first book, yet gets almost only a foot note in the final installment of the series. It all feels, a little rushed. Maybe this is a result of me speeding up my reading of these chapters.

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