how to improve support team work for 100km walkers

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As I mentioned, Andrea was doing the oxfam 100km trailwalker event. Our support efforts went well, but there are a few things we could improve on.

Next time I need a phone with a Telstra SIM. I was on an Optus SIM. It was ok for the most part, but there were a few areas were I had quite low signal, and I couldn't make calls and l could only get sporadic messages out.

I need to think further about what communications I'm going to do. We had quite a few people before the event asking for me to let them know how Andrea was going. But as a support person I had more than enough to do (on not enough sleep). Either I need to tell people I'm not going to report to them, and that they can use the website to track the walking. Or I need a way of broadcast messages, and intentionally tell people that is what they should look for to get information. Of course for people that are directly involved in support it's a different story, I need to ring them to coordinate who is doing what when. Perhaps we need a communications officer who is offsite to deal with this.

Andrea and her team mates had done a great job of planning their food. However I should have had a copy of their plans, so I didn't have to ask them what food they wanted when. Of course we'd still talk about it with the walkers during the event, but being prepared would have been better.

The girls didn't get any sleep at our sleep stop, they weren't about to mentally switch off. I could have helped with that; Next time I'll offer to read something to them, which might help to lull them to sleep.

I think you need three shifts of people for the first 24 hours. We kind of had two shifts (with overlap), which meant I didn't really get enough sleep. The walkers didn't get enough sleep either, but it really should be avoidable with the support team.

This whole post sounds like we are planning next years campaign. We're not, Andrea has said she is never doing it again. But if she does, I might be better prepared.

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