Sleep time, or save the world

I was driving home, and both my girls were asleep in the back seat, which was nice. So I drove the long way home, and let them sleep a bit longer as I know Andrea hasn't been sleeping particularly well over the last few nights.

Now I'm asking myself, what the hell was I doing? Burning the environment down just for some extra nap time is short term thinking if ever I heard it. Besides, Taylah kept sleeping in the car when we got home. If I hadn't banged the rear hatch three times (trying to close it to softly the first time didn't work) she would have kept sleeping.

I'm sure I'll have further opportunities to visit this dilemma in the future.


As long as you don't think its a good idea to go for a car ride to get Taylah to sleep.

And its to bloody wet to go for a ride. grrr.

Uh, who is this Taylah? Methinks we have been out of each other's loops for a while!

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