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configuring ST546 for public IP address ranges

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Somehow I misconfigured my OpenWRT based router on the weekend, and it stopped allowing any packets through. I did have a shell session open on it at the time, which should have let me recover, but I didn't really understand the gravity of the situation, and wasn't able to recover the situation in time.

This meant I had no Internet access at home, which was only slightly annoying. However it also meant that and were down, which was more of a problem.

To work around this I reconfigured my speedtouch ST546 ADSL modem. It was easy to reconfigure the ADSL modem to terminate the pppoe connection using it's web wizard. It wasn't hard to add to the local network interface a subnet for suburbia. It was easy (though annoying) to use the web interface to add in port forwards for all the services on

However to get the modem to forward on packets on the suburbia network wasn't working, and I was miffed about why. Eventually I worked out how to get it working mostly through an inspired guess. On the CLI of the modem, I did:
nat mapadd intf=Internet type=nat outside_addr= inside_addr= foreign_addr=

Now I get to pull apart my OpenWRT router, and hook up a serial console to it. More fun for me.

Update: Seems there is a factory reset procedure I can follow for the router, which will avoid trying to get a serial console working. Which sounds much simpler.